Who Are Ethical Property Partners?
Hi, and welcome to Ethical Property Partners. We are a group of franchised business owners operating across the UK who are working together to improve people’s lives by utilising our skills and expertise in property. We delight in the fact that every client who comes into contact with us leaves in a better position as a result of our input. Whether it is because they have sold a property to us, have purchased an investment from us, or because they live as a tenant in one of our properties. 
We at Ethical Property Partners approach property from the unusual perspective of anything being possible if there is sufficient motivation and perseverance. 

Our Mission
“As a TEAM we approach every challenge and opportunity with an open mind and a desire for a win-win solution. 

 We tell the truth. 

We do right by people and we leave all whom we transact with better off than when we first met them. 

We are passionate about property and enjoy working in this life changing industry” .

HQ Team

We have a growing Team working for HQ with a wealth of experience throughout property and business, click below to find out a bit more about our Team. 

Our Vision 

"‘Transforming Lives by Solving Property Problems’"
Our Story
Frank started his career as a teacher (honing his ability to simplify and transfer information) before deciding to build a solid financial future for himself and his family and dedicating himself to mastering as many investment strategies as possible, eventually acquiring close to 60 properties and achieving his ultimate financial goal.

A few years ago he decided his life mission was to to use his hard-won knowledge and skills to help others create their own property empires and fulfil their dreams.

 To date we have over 57 different strategies to source and monetise properties with both money down and no money down.

We are Ethical (it’s in the name.) 

I know that’s a big thing to state but we stand by it and you can speak to any of our partners, employees or contractors 
and have them tell you that.

 We strive to stand for integrity and high standards in a marketplace that admittedly can sometimes fall far below acceptable standards.

 One of the reasons we run ‘satisfaction guaranteed’ seminars is so that you can find out, risk free, what we teach and what we stand for. We never ask people to team with us unless they know that we’re right for them and we know they’re right for us. 

We also don’t simply teach property skills. We teach the critical mindset skills which work alongside it and which are CRITICAL to success. (Without them it’s like having the keys to a high powered car with an empty tank.) 

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