Frank Flegg

Ethical Property Partners Founder

Frank Flegg has been investing full time in property for more than 13 years. He conducted more than 200 property transactions and worked in two global franchises before founding Ethical Property Partners and the Stepping Stones housing project.

Today there are more than 70 people across England and Ireland investing using the EPP system and to date the Stepping Stones project has avoided more than 140,000 homeless nights.

Frank lives in Derbyshire with his wife Vanda and their two sons. He’s passionate about learning, investing, travel and ending homelessness globally.

Dolf De Roos

Ethical Property Partners Global Ambassador

Many people recognize Dolf de Roos as a result of his prolific work in real estate – he has written 20 books on the subject, taught real estate in over 26 countries, and worked with the likes of Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn and Robert Kiyosaki.
While he is perhaps best known for his teachings on real estate, however, Dolf is first and foremost a property investor. This makes him one of the rare teachers who actually makes a living doing what he teaches, rather than making a living teaching.

His acclaimed book Real Estate Riches was on the New York Times bestseller list for over seven months, and has appeared on bestseller lists in 13 countries. It has been translated into six languages.

When Dolf isn’t travelling the world teaching property investing he lives with his daughter in Phoenix, Arizona.

Liz Strama

Global HQ Sales & Marketing Manager 

Liz Strama is a full-time property investor and utilises her qualification in interior design during refurbishments and renovations. Prior to this Liz was a Finance Director in a global company with group turnover of circa £500 million.

Liz joined Ethical Property Partners as her passion has always been property and she saw EPP as the perfect fit for her. After being a proactive partner within the group the opportunity arose for Liz to become involved at EPP HQ driving the sales and marketing department and on-boarding new clients. She’s passionate about investing in property and providing a first-rate service to tenants, vendors and investors.

Liz lives in Staffordshire and enjoys going on dog walks, spa days, visiting new places and drinking cocktails. She also loves reading and sees huge value in personal development and learning from others.  

Debbie Kinghorn

General Manager

Debbie joined EPP HQ in the first quarter of 2020. For the past 6 years Debbie has run her own coaching business and prior to that held Senior Operations Management positions in a variety of London based software companies.

Debbie’s passion is people, she’s a trained NLP Therapist and Master Practitioner and has spent many years helping people to understand themselves, their actions and how to develop a fulfilling career & lifestyle. Debbie’s primary roles at HQ are providing support and information to EPP prospects and helping partners to make the most of their EPP journey.

When Debbie’s not working, she can be found wandering Derbyshire villages and countryside with her dog, dancing, swimming or writing the next story for her set of published children’s books.

Royce Turville

Operations Manager

Royce Turville has been investing in property with his wife Ella for 6 years and has rapidly grown his portfolio during that time now, prior to that Royce has held various roles involving sales and account management consistently hitting sales targets throughout his 15+ year career.
Royce is now focused on continuing to grow their portfolio to enable complete financial freedom and provide a legacy for his family, on the back of great success from joining EPP as a partner an opportunity to be involved with EPP became available and Royce now actively supports EPP clients in a support role and loves helping clients to achieve their aspirations and dreams.
Royce lives in Leicestershire with his wife and two children, he loves exercising and regularly runs, cycles and swims, he loves travelling and has plenty of family holidays each year.
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