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Sophisticated Property Investing Podcast
Ethical Property Partners

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Episode 1 - Introduction
Frank Flegg and his team from Ethical Property Partners talk about how to invest in property in a Sophisticated manner, for maximum safety and maximum returns.
Frank went from being a secondary school teacher to one of the leading figures in the UK Property industry. On the Sophisticated Property Investing Podcast, you'll hear about the unique systems and tactics that Frank teaches to his franchisees in order to transform lives through property.  
Episode 2 - How to Flip Property without ever owning it!
On this episode, Liz Strama chats with Frank Flegg about how to flip property you don't even own QUICKLY, and in a "Sophisticated manner". The secret is to source property under market value, whilst sourcing an investor who's happy to pay market value. You'll hear about the systems Frank has developed in order to find these motivated sellers.
Episode 3 - Interview with Amanda on Turning Discounts into Cash (TDiC)
On this episode of Sophisticated Property Investing, Frank introduces us to Amanda, who worked at the DWP as a "Benefits processor", earning £18.5k... fast forward 3 and a half years and now Amanda's property business earns her £250k a year, simply by following the the techniques she learned from EPP. You'll hear more about these techniques and how you can apply them to your business. 
Episode 4 - Ending homelessness with sophisticated property investment
Liz Strama chats to Frank about "Stepping Stones", the not for profit organisation he founded in 2014 and why he's so passionate about housing the homeless.  In this episode, he explains how property investors can help the homeless and grow their business at the same, by using one of the sophisticated methods he's developed.
Episode 5 - An interview with Maddy: How I personally house 85 homeless people every night
On this episode, Frank chats with Maddy Norridge, who looks after Stepping Stones in Northampton. Maddy used to be an F.E. teacher and when she found out that a third of her students were "hidden homeless" and sleeping on friend's sofas she decided to make a difference.
You'll hear how she manages to find houses for homeless people, while turning a profit for her backers, because she invests in property in a Sophisticated manner.
Episode 6 - Why vendors are the most important part of property investing
On this episode, Royce speaks to Frank about why he considers the vendor to be the most important part of property investing. 

 You'll find out why Sophisticated investors don't look on Rightmove, Zoopla or estate agents to find their deals.... 

If you're a traditional investor, this episode will help you to re-frame your thinking and lead you to a smarter, safer and more rewarding investment model.
Episode 8 - An interview with Richard: How I sourced 5 deals in 7 months
On this episode, Frank speaks to Richard Havardi, who recently joined EPP. Richard talks about how his early traditional investments had very slow returns when compared to the new Sophisticated methods he's learned from the team. 

 He's signed 5 deals in 7 months, since joining the partnership by marketing hard and following the formulas. 
Episode 10 - The value of world class business planning in YOUR property business
On this episode, Liz Strama chats to Frank about the value of creating a world class business plan for your property business. 

 They talk about the importance of understanding WHY your goals are your goals, and whether you should ever change them part way through the plan.  They also touch on who you should and who you shouldn't share your business plan with, and why. 

He'll tell you why you should spend "a week to plan your next year", "a day to plan your next quarter" and "an hour to plan your next week ahead". As Frank identifies, it's not "sexy", but it's all massively important!
Episode 12 - An interview with Royce: 7 deals in 9 months due to proper business planning
On this episode, we hear from Royce again. He and his wife Ella were traditional property investors, until they met Frank and started Sophisticated investment with Ethical Property Partners, 18 months ago. 

 Since then, they have invested in 12 additional properties and Royce has quit the day job, and they put it all down to proper business planning.
You'll hear about his story and how you can take YOUR investing to the next level.
Episode 13 - How best to market for motivated vendors
On this episode, Liz Strama chats with Frank about how best to market for motivated vendors. 

 He'll explain why sophisticated investors don't generally deal with estate agents, and how he has developed, tried and tested methods of obtaining property way below market value in a variety of market conditions. 

 Frank and his partnership manage to do this through several marketing methods, which you'll hear about on this episode.
Episode 14 - Ryan, 16 deals in 24 months by using the RIGHT marketing
On this episode, Frank chats with Ryan Brazier about his time on the partnership and how he's managed to find 16 deals in 24 months. 

 Ryan has used many strategies when marketing for motivated vendors, he outlines them and chats in detail about leafleting/bold calling and 'doughnut strategy'.
Episode 16 - How can I turn around my stale Property Business
On this episode, Liz Strama chats with Frank about how he mentors people who come to him with a stale property business. 

 Maybe they've lost the love, hate the tenants or aren't getting the returns they'd hoped for. Frank has an answer for all of the above (and more). He explains how he helps his clients refresh, find the love again and thrive.
Episode 18 - Ian, How he turned a stale property business into a thriving Master Franchise
Today, Frank catches up with Ian, who's recently taken on the EPP franchise across Northern Ireland.  
After an amazing initial start Ian's business was hit by the crash in 2009, where in Northern Ireland values dropped by 66% in a week. 

 For 10 years, Ian didn't do a single deal, until he met Frank in 2019. Now he's back up to speed, and on this episode he'll explain how he turned his stale property business into a thriving franchise.
Episode 020 - Why should I bother about mindset?
On this episode, Frank explains to Liz Strama why he advises anybody who wants to be successful in business to work on having a positive mindset. 

 Frank explains "The Wheel of Life" which is a system for analysing different areas of life and identifying which areas need to be worked on for creating a healthy balance.

Episode 021 - Ryan: How a mindset shift helped him sign 10 property deals in 6 months
We heard from Ryan a few weeks ago, and he's back to talk about mindset. His "property dream" didn't start to work for him until he had a shift in mindset, which enabled him to follow the EPP systems closely and transformed him from being a "worker" into an "investor"

Episode 022 - Title Splitting and what it can do for your property business
On this episode, Frank gives real life examples of how he's combined title splitting with other EPP strategies to his take deals to a whole new level of profitability.
Icing on the Cake Video
Title Splitting Video
Episode 024 - What REALLY stops people from taking action?
On this episode, Royce Turville chats with top mentor Frank Flegg about why some people's actions within their property businesses don't yield the results they were hoping for. Frank explains that quite often it's down to either motivation, belief in the (proved to be successful) EPP systems, or personality type.
Episode 025 - Jason & Michelle - How to remove the fear out of taking MASSIVE action
On this episode, Frank has a face to face chat with Michelle and Jason.  They have been traditional investors for the last 10 years and bought 4 properties during that time.  

Since joining Ethical Property Partners just 7 weeks ago they have had a complete change in mindset, and now plan to use sophisticated strategies to invest in 8 properties in the next 12 months.  

They're both blown away by their pace of learning since joining the partnership and find the collective IQ amongst the members to be AMAZINGLY useful.
Episode 027 - How much experience do you need to be a successful property investor?
We see and hear people on stages all the time, telling us how property investing is EASY and you could be earning £10,000 of passive income within 3 months of signing up for their training course!  

On this episode, Liz Strama chats with Frank about the REALITY.  As always, Frank draws on real life experiences and gives examples of scenarios to voice his opinions.   
Episode 029 - James, Why having a corporate background could be a secret weapon
James Brownsword left the corporate world in 2017, having had a career as a lawyer.  His work took him all over the world while he represented many international clients.  

On this episode he chats with Frank about how since joining EPP, his investing has become much more structured and profitable.  

They also talk about what James has learned from the corporate world and how he applies it to his property deals. 
Episode 030- Joint ventures & how they can sink or rocket propel your property business
Joint ventures are something which are often sold as being the HOLY GRAIL of the property business world.  

In this episode, Royce Turville chats with Frank about how they can sink a business if you J.V. with the wrong person, or take your investing to a whole new level if partner up with the right person.  If you're considering a joint venture, there's plenty of practical advice and tips on the episode about picking the RIGHT partner.
 Episode 031 - Ella, How joint ventures have changed the dynamic of her business
Ella started her property journey as an Estate Agent, investing in houses in a traditional manner with her husband, Royce (heard on episode 030).  The couple were "lone wolves", and had never considered joint venturing in their property business.  

Frank introduced them to Liz Strama, and after a (pre-lockdown) pub meal they developed a plan to make more money together as sophisticated property investors.  

In this episode, Ella explains how the J.V. works for all parties and how their personalities and skills compliment one another, and offers great take away advice on setting up joint ventures in your business.
Episode 032 - What causes the tipping point to sway from doing no deals to several deals per year?
During the course of this Podcast series, we've heard from several people who once had stagnant property businesses.  

On this episode, Royce Turville chats with Frank about what causes that tipping point and motivates us to work harder and smarter to create a revitalised business which does MANY more deals than before.  

Frank has spent years coaching and helping to improve his client's results as a mentor, so draws on real life examples to answer the question.
Above & Below the Line
Limiting Beliefs
Results Equation
Episode 033 - Paulene, How to run a successful property business whilst having a full-time job
On this episode, Frank chats with Paulene Chalmers.  She has a full-time corporate  job, but still manages to run a successful and growing property business which turns over an EXTRA £40,000 a year.  

You'll hear more about the sophisticated deals she's done under EPP, and the secret to her success.
Episode 035 - Mike, How I had a rocket fuelled start having never invested in property before!
Today, Frank chats with Mike Prentice.  He's NEVER invested in property before, but has had a brilliant first 10 weeks under EPP.  

He discusses how he's used the vault to quickly educate himself.  After just 9 weeks with the partnership he had 2 deals under his belt.  

This episode is a deep dive in to his marketing techniques and their effectiveness, and you'll find out how you could do the same.
Episode 036 - CAFFEINE CAST, Getting maximum value from your plot
On this quick Caffeine Cast, Frank follows up on a discussion with new partner, Mike Prentice they had on episode 035.  He'll discuss how you can use title splitting and auctions in your favour to get maximum value from your development plots.  

He uses real life examples and explains how psychology plays a big part when selling at auction, and so does having "big testicles"!
Episode 037 - How do you know when to start employing into your team?
When is the BEST time to employ a team member in your property business?  

Too late and your workload overwhelms you and profitability drops as a result... too soon, and profitability drop as a result of paying the wages of a new team member!

It's all about balance, and in this episode, Frank breaks the issue down and gives actionable advice, based on his experience of having many full-time employees at EPP. 
Episode 038 - How can property investors protect themselves during a recession?
No matter what stage you're at in your property investing journey, on this episode Frank provides clear actionable advice for you and your set of circumstances which will help you thrive during the current recession.  

He also drills down and provides 5 TOP TIPS for you, if you're a current investor with a portfolio.
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