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 Episode 067 - Charlie Lawson: National Director of BNI
On this episode, Frank catches up with Charlie Lawson, who's the National Director of BNI (Business Network International).  Over his years as a Sophisticated investor, Frank's been to MANY different networking groups, but has always sworn by the quality of the BNI meets.   You'll hear about how local businesses have supported one another to flourish throughout the Covid crisis within their BNI power teams, and you'll also find out how forming strategic referral alliances can sky-rocket YOUR property business
Episode 066 - Sick of running from one investment strategy to another? How to SIMPLIFY your plan?
On this episode, Paulene Chalmers chats to Frank about how to simplify your approach to property investing.  Frank explains how you can identify your strengths and pick strategies that will work for you, and how your results will improve massively when you niche down and become GREAT at a small number of investment strategies, rather than using them all, all of the time.
Episode 065 - CAFFEINE CAST - Can leasing property be better than renting?
This quick Caffeine Cast is audio taken from one of Frank's YouTube videos.  Many investors don’t consider leasing their properties.  On this episode, Frank explains that in certain situations it can be a great alternative to a single AST. 

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Episode 064 - What pitfalls should you be aware of when turning leasehold into freehold and vice versa?
On this episode, Royce Turville chats with Frank about investing in leasehold properties.  Neither Frank nor Royce are "massive fans" of leasehold, but they both have plenty of experience with it, and if there's money to be made on a sophisticated deal, they'll always take it into consideration.  As always, this episode is full of real life examples and anecdotes, one of which involves a legal issue Royce has with the "Crown", and we learn what "Escheat" means! 
Episode 063 - Housing the homeless & going against the majority viewpoint
On this episode, Liz Strama is back in the hot-seat, and is addressing "the elephant in the room".  Landlords often shy away from housing homeless people, for a variety of reasons.   Frank understands this, and housing the homeless is something he's always been passionate about.  On this episode, he'll explain how YOU can mitigate the risks and help out with the housing crisis, whilst making the profit you'd expect to make on your rental properties.  

You can find out more about Stepping Stones here:
Episode 062 - CAFFEINE CAST - Lockdown 3 and PROPERTY INVESTING in the UK
This quick Caffeine Cast is audio taken from one of Frank's YouTube videos, and explains why sophisticated property investors continue to grow their property business, even during lockdown in the UK.  Frank also offers a lot of insight in to where the market may be heading in the next few months (and it's GREAT news for BMV buyers). 
Episode 061 - What property investment strategies will you be focusing on this year?
On this episode, Royce chats with Frank about the investment strategies he'll be using this year, which is a really tricky subject, bearing in mind the unpredictability of the market in January 2021!

Frank speaks about his goal for the next TWO years, which is to buy 50 properties (That's one every FORTNIGHT!), today you'll hear how he intends to pull it off, using some of EPP's 61 investment strategies.

The fellas also talk about how Sophisticated investors are able to adapt quickly, so they're always ahead of the market; as Frank quotes in this episode, "when the market zigs, you zag... when the market zags, you zig!"

Warren Buffett is referred to several times in this episode.  You can see his library of books here:
Episode 060 - CAFFEINE CAST - Why you should employ team members WAY earlier than you'd think
This quick Caffeine Cast is audio taken from one of Frank's YouTube videos, and explains why YOU should be employing team members into your property investing business much quicker than you'd expect.  Many EPP members actually employ PA's before their business can afford to pay them, on this short episode you'll hear why and how they make it work.
Episode 059 - Edward: How I went from no investments to completing on 3 properties in a week!
Edward Jackson has been with EPP for 12 months and has nailed 9 property deals during that time (with 2 currently going through).  On this episode, Frank chats to him about how he completed on 3 properties in a week using Sophisticated Property Investing techniques, about the positive and negatives of networking events, and about how Edwards's property business now makes more for him than his day job every month. 
Episode 058 - Dolf de Roos: The original Rich Dad Poor Dad real estate adviser
This week, you'll hear a chat with Dolf de Roos - He's a world renowned real estate investment authority, a New York Times best selling author, and he's helping Frank launch Ethical Property Partners in the States.  Dolf has lived all over the world, but on this episode you'll hear why he LOVES investing in the U.S. so much, and why he's decided to join EPP.  There are plenty of other actionable bits of advice in there too.
Episode 057 - CAFFEINE CAST - Housing the homeless whilst making a healthy profit
This quick Caffeine Cast is audio taken from one of Frank's YouTube videos, and explains how you can get involved with his Stepping Stones charity, which houses the homeless in a sustainable way.  Many of the EPP partners are involved in helping their communities, whilst ensuring 100% occupancy as landlords.  It's a real win/win solution, to find out more have at look at the Stepping Stones website.
Episode 056 - A wrap up of the most unexpected year we've ever had
2020 has been an unprecedented year on many levels, packed with sad personal losses, challenges and opportunities.  On this episode, Liz Strama chats with Frank about how property investing businesses have dealt with it.  As always, Frank draws on real life examples and scenarios when making his points (One of which involves being stopped by two Police officers!)
Episode 055 - It's the most wonderful time of the year
It's Christmas eve 2020 and the EPP team are in high spirits!  This episode features a socially distanced chat between Frank, Royce and Liz.  They'll explain why Christmas truly is the most wonderful time of the year for property investors, and you'll get to hear the fine vocal talents of many of the partners.
Episode 054 - CAFFEINE CAST - How to structure NO MONEY DOWN purchases
This quick Caffeine Cast is audio taken from one of Frank's YouTube videos, and explains just one of the ways the YOU can structure a deal to purchase a property in a high value area, without putting any money down.  Members of the partnership use MANY methods to do this, as part of their Sophisticated Property Investing.
Episode 053 - Mark Armstrong - An architect's angle on successful property development
On this episode, Frank chats with Mark Armstrong, who has a unique view of property investing and developing, as he's also an architect.  He realised the people who hire the architects are making much more money than the architects, which is why his journey began.  On this episode, you'll hear how Mark makes no-money-down deals work in London, you'll also hear an aside about how The Shard was designed on a napkin! 
Episode 052 - What makes a really great development deal?
On this episode, Royce Turville chats with Frank about property development,  it's definition and how to make it work for your property business.  They touch on common mistakes that developers make, and  offer practical and actionable advice on how to avoid these.
Episode 051 - CAFFEINE CAST - Are you deluding yourself about your property business?
This quick Caffeine Cast is audio taken from one of Frank's YouTube videos, and explains that many investors are tricking themselves into thinking they're working harder than they are!  Frank explains that you're getting the results from your investing that you deserve (whether they're positive or negative), and if they are negative, he highlights ways you can improve them.
Episode 050 - Maddy - How setting goals changed my property business
Maddy Norridge returns to the podcast, for her second visit.  On this episode, she's chatting with Frank about her property business, and how important goal setting has been in making it so successful, and allows her to house 93 homeless people a night in Northamptonshire.  Maddy used to be a school teacher, and never consciously set any personal or business goals until joining the partnership, she now has long-term and short-term goals in place and loves this type of planning.

Whilst this episode concentrates on Maddy's goals, her previous appearance was all about housing the homeless through Stepping Stones.  To hear it: CLICK HERE
Episode 049 - Don't leave your goal setting until January - do it now!
We all know how easy it is to get caught up in festivities during December; there's Christmas presents to buy, Christmas trees to decorate and Bailey's to drink!  However, goal setting and planning in December is REALLY important for EPP and our team.  

On this episode (as well as getting some very important phone calls), Liz Strama chats with Frank about the importance of goal setting and they give some great practical advice to help with your goal setting routines and accountability.
Episode 048 - CAFFEINE CAST (The CRITICAL thing about mortgages that no mortgage broker has ever told me!)
This quick Caffeine Cast is audio taken from one of Frank's YouTube videos, and explains how following the wrong mortgage broker's advice could bankrupt your property business.

To see more tips on Sophisticated Property Investing, please follow our Channel on YouTube by CLICKING HERE
Episode 047 (What's the best way to structure your property investment business?)
On this episode, Royce and Frank chat about property investment as a business.   There's plenty of advice this week for investors looking to build a robust and profitable business, through out-sourcing and building a team (but at the right time).  There's also talk of bad haircuts, monkeys flipping coins and a wonderful Chinese proverb, that you'll remember FOREVER!
Episode 046 (Kevin: How to use a SSAS pension for property investment the smart way)
Kevin Whelan is the founder of Wealth Builders.  On this episode, Frank chats with Kevin about the "7 pillars of wealth", and how you can take funds that are tied up in your pension and use them to achieve financial independence through investing.  They talk about converting to a SASS pension and explain how it can be used to expand your property portfolio.

You can find out more about Kevin and his work here:
Episode 045 - CAFFEINE CAST (Plans for your commercial property portfolio)
This quick Caffeine Cast is audio taken from one of Frank's YouTube videos, and explains about how you can maximise returns on your commercial property portfolio in today's economy.  To see more tips on Sophisticated Property Investing, please follow our Channel on YouTube by CLICKING HERE
Episode 044 (What are the different ways to invest in property?)
What are the different ways to invest in property is a question that's often asked.  On this episode, Frank breaks down different categories of investor, and touches on different sophisticated strategies to suit each.  Liz Strama and Frank then explain how you can use your pension pot to invest in property.  Listen out for next week's episode, when there will be a deep dive on using your SASS pension to build your net worth.
Episode 043 (Stuart: How we work very successfully in housing the homeless in Oxford)
Just like Frank, Stuart Waddington is passionate about housing the homeless.  It all started when Stuart's church in Oxford started providing free lunches for homeless people in the city.  Stuart wanted to take things to the next level, which lead him to provide beds to homeless people.  In an area where house prices are WAY ABOVE the average, many homelessness charities shy away from Oxford, but Stuart uses EPP strategies to successfully grow his amazing work.

To get in touch with Stuart and help his plight, you can call his personal phone number on (07443) 504762, or email him:
Episode 042 (Why homelessness shouldn't be a 'secret' in affluent areas)
Frank's been passionate about re-homing the homeless since moving to Nottingham for University and becoming exposed to it on a daily basis.  In this episode, he explains how property investors can help the homeless and grow their business at the same, by using one of the sophisticated methods he's developed.
Episode 041 (Dave & Matt - How we bucked the curve & grew our SA business during coronavirus)
Dave & Matt have been running their serviced accommodation business together for the last 4 years on a rent-to-rent basis, and now have management and a team in place.  They decided they wanted to build their asset base, which is why they contacted Frank.  

On this episode, you'll hear about how they're using the BMV strategy, and for their first deal they paid £40,000 for a house valued at £120,000, you'll also hear a really insightful bit of coaching delivered by Frank.  Dave & Matt also explain how they managed to make the SA part of their business thrive during lockdown, by using creative thinking.
Episode 040 (What's the secret to maximising profit in serviced accommodation? )
There's been a lot of hype around serviced accommodation profitability in recent years, and many investors can get carried away by the numbers.  On this episode, Frank breaks it down and uses real life examples to explain the reality of SA, and provides tactics for maximising their profitability.
Episode 039 - Nick James, How to thrive during a recession
Nick James is a business and property investor and creator of "Expert Empires", who run large scale training sessions with big name speakers and hundreds of delegates.  When Covid-19 took hold, the lockdown meant he had to pivot and re-work his event business model.  

On this episode, you'll find out how this has affected his company's finances, he also chats to Frank about his predictions for the economy in the coming months, and how investors will be affected.
Episode 038 - How can property investors protect themselves during a recession?
No matter what stage you're at in your property investing journey, on this episode Frank provides clear actionable advice for you and your set of circumstances which will help you thrive during the current recession.
He also drills down and provides 5 TOP TIPS for you, if you're a current investor with a portfolio.
Episode 037 - How do you know when to start employing into your team?
When is the BEST time to employ a team member in your property business?
Too late and your workload overwhelms you and profitability drops as a result... too soon, and profitability drop as a result of paying the wages of a new team member!
It's all about balance, and in this episode, Frank breaks the issue down and gives actionable advice, based on his experience of having many full-time employees at EPP. 
Episode 036 - CAFFEINE CAST, Getting maximum value from your plot
On this quick Caffeine Cast, Frank follows up on a discussion with new partner, Mike Prentice they had on episode 035. He'll discuss how you can use title splitting and auctions in your favour to get maximum value from your development plots.
He uses real life examples and explains how psychology plays a big part when selling at auction, and so does having "big testicles"!
Episode 035 - Mike, How I had a rocket fuelled start having never invested in property before!
Today, Frank chats with Mike Prentice. He's NEVER invested in property before, but has had a brilliant first 10 weeks under EPP.
He discusses how he's used the vault to quickly educate himself. After just 9 weeks with the partnership he had 2 deals under his belt.
This episode is a deep dive in to his marketing techniques and their effectiveness, and you'll find out how you could do the same.
Episode 033 - Paulene, How to run a successful property business whilst having a full-time job
On this episode, Frank chats with Paulene Chalmers. She has a full-time corporate job, but still manages to run a successful and growing property business which turns over an EXTRA £40,000 a year.
You'll hear more about the sophisticated deals she's done under EPP, and the secret to her success.
Episode 032 - What causes the tipping point to sway from doing no deals to several deals per year?
During the course of this Podcast series, we've heard from several people who once had stagnant property businesses.
On this episode, Royce Turville chats with Frank about what causes that tipping point and motivates us to work harder and smarter to create a revitalised business which does MANY more deals than before.
Frank has spent years coaching and helping to improve his client's results as a mentor, so draws on real life examples to answer the question.
Episode 031 - Ella, How joint ventures have changed the dynamic of her business
Ella started her property journey as an Estate Agent, investing in houses in a traditional manner with her husband, Royce (heard on episode 030). The couple were "lone wolves", and had never considered joint venturing in their property business.
Frank introduced them to Liz Strama, and after a (pre-lockdown) pub meal they developed a plan to make more money together as sophisticated property investors.
In this episode, Ella explains how the J.V. works for all parties and how their personalities and skills compliment one another, and offers great take away advice on setting up joint ventures in your business.
Episode 030- Joint ventures & how they can sink or rocket propel your property business
Joint ventures are something which are often sold as being the HOLY GRAIL of the property business world.
In this episode, Royce Turville chats with Frank about how they can sink a business if you J.V. with the wrong person, or take your investing to a whole new level if partner up with the right person. If you're considering a joint venture, there's plenty of practical advice and tips on the episode about picking the RIGHT partner.
Episode 029 - James, Why having a corporate background could be a secret weapon
James Brownsword left the corporate world in 2017, having had a career as a lawyer. His work took him all over the world while he represented many international clients.
On this episode he chats with Frank about how since joining EPP, his investing has become much more structured and profitable.
They also talk about what James has learned from the corporate world and how he applies it to his property deals. 
Episode 027 - How much experience do you need to be a successful property investor?
We see and hear people on stages all the time, telling us how property investing is EASY and you could be earning £10,000 of passive income within 3 months of signing up for their training course!
On this episode, Liz Strama chats with Frank about the REALITY. As always, Frank draws on real life experiences and gives examples of scenarios to voice his opinions.  
Episode 025 - Jason & Michelle - How to remove the fear out of taking MASSIVE action
On this episode, Frank has a face to face chat with Michelle and Jason. They have been traditional investors for the last 10 years and bought 4 properties during that time.
Since joining Ethical Property Partners just 7 weeks ago they have had a complete change in mindset, and now plan to use sophisticated strategies to invest in 8 properties in the next 12 months.
They're both blown away by their pace of learning since joining the partnership and find the collective IQ amongst the members to be AMAZINGLY useful.
Episode 024 - What REALLY stops people from taking action?
On this episode, Royce Turville chats with top mentor Frank Flegg about why some people's actions within their property businesses don't yield the results they were hoping for. Frank explains that quite often it's down to either motivation, belief in the (proved to be successful) EPP systems, or personality type.
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