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Peter Ledgar
Looking to Sell.

Thanks for visiting my page.

Are your finding it a challenge selling your property in the traditional way. Not getting the results you expected. If this sounds like your situation, and your looking for fast and certain purchase it may be time for a brief chat on how we can help.

My name is Pete and along with my wife Karen have been buying and selling property since 2007.

Whatever the problem your facing today in these uncertain times, please take the first step and contact us today.
How I Can Help You As A Vendor With Your Property Problem
Whether you’re in a hurry due to the threat of repossession, other debts, have inherited a property you don’t need or want, need to downsize, or really just don’t want the hassle of going on the open market with lots of viewings and uncertainty, contact me and we can have a chat to help you find a solution.
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